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There is a wide range of options for cookware nowadays, including ceramic, glass, stainless steel. You can choose the types of cookware depending on your needs and preference. If you are looking for hardware that offers superior cooking performance, easy clean-up, and durability, you may be interested in ceramic cookware.

Ceramic cookware offers several advantages over other types of cookware and maybe an ideal fit for your kitchen. It is growing in popularity because of its incredible non-stick performance and heat conductivity properties.


What is Ceramic Cookware?

ceramic cookware

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You may have heard of ceramic cookware but do not know what it is about. Let’s briefly explain what it is. 

The word “ceramic” may make this cookware sound fragile, but ceramic cookware isn’t actually made 100% of clay. The ceramic coating is applied to the interior of the cookware. It starts as a sand-like substance sprayed inside the cookware, which is placed in an oven to cure and harden. 

It is made without using any chemicals or metals. This may be a piece of good news to you as you do not have to risk exposure to toxins.

Ceramic cookware is mainly composed of 2 main components: high-fired stoneware and a highly durable nano-ceramic glaze. 

Most ceramic cookware sets use ceramic coating instead of made entirely from ceramic material. The base material usually uses aluminum as it is lightweight, cheap, and an excellent heat conductor. 

Aluminum helps to counter some of the drawbacks of cooking with ceramic. Such as ceramic coating takes longer to heat while aluminum heats up fast. 

There is also 100% ceramic cookware. It is usually used for casserole dishes and other large baking dishes as they take longer to heat.  

So let’s take a look at the benefit below to know more about ceramic cookware.

1. Use Ceramic Cookware as Food Containers

ceramic cookware

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There will be times when you have leftovers to be stored, and you may have problems looking for containers. When you invest in ceramic cookware, it can be another option for leftover storage. 

You will have to wait for the cookware to cool down before storing it. You don’t have to worry about any unwanted metals, minerals, or materials leeching into your food when keeping it overnight.

2. Non-stick

ceramic cookware

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The frustrating part of cooking is that your foods get lodged onto the bottom of your pan, and cleaning it is a big mess. Non-stick surface is one of the qualities you should consider.

Ceramic cookware offers a non-stick surface without the use of chemical-filled coatings. You have to make sure that you maintain your cookware clean and friendly. Don’t let the oil built up in your cookware, and the grimy residue can negate the non-stick abilities.

A non-stick surface also means you don’t need to use quite as much oil or butter. If you are looking for a healthier life, this is a great help to cut down on fats and calories in your diet. 

3. Easy Cleanup

ceramic cookware

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Compared to most cookware, ceramic is easier to clean. The enameled finish helps to prevent food from sticking to the surface. Usually, you can wipe away any residue after each use. 

If the food does become baked onto the surface, scrub it off using the scouring powder without worrying about scratching the cookware’s hard coating. For other hardware that features a quick-release coating cannot be cleaned in this way as the powder will damage the cookware surface. 

Remember always to check the manufacturer’s care recommendation before washing. You don’t want to ruin your cookware so fast.

4. Even Heat Distribution and Better Heat Retention

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The last thing you want to do is serve your family meals burnt on one side and undercooked on the other side. 

Ceramic cookware distributes the heat evenly all across the surface of the pot. You won’t have to worry about foods getting burnt in certain areas and other areas remaining uncooked.

Unlike other cookware, ceramic does not need to be seasoned after every use. Considerably more manageable and less time-consuming to care for your cookware. You are also saving a bit of money on oil and other items used for seasoning.

Besides that, ceramic hold heats for a longer time, and you can conserve energy and save your pan and food from overheating and overcooking.

Many users may face a problem when cooking in the same cookware, which is the food may absorb the flavor from the previous meal. Ceramic doesn’t absorb the flavors of the food being cooked in it. 

5. Durable

Image: Credit to Canva

Ceramic cookware isn’t the most expensive but is one of the most durable cookware available. Its surface is not susceptible to rusting and does not require polishing and seasoning.

Ceramic cookware with a clay base will cause breakage and chips pronto when dropped, as long as you avoid the situation. It can remain durable. 

Another thing that you have to take note of is that you will have to care for your ceramic cookware properly. If not, there will be scratches, and the non-stick area will be damaged. You wouldn’t want your ceramic cookware to have a short lifespan. 

6. Ceramic Cookware is Aesthetically Pleasing

Image: Credit to Canva

This benefit is on the lower side of priorities, but if you are recording recipe videos, you may care aesthetically. Ceramic cookware often has an enameled or glazed surface in various bright, decorative colors.

Besides the cooking part, it can be a part of your kitchen decor by displaying an open shelving concept or ideal cookware for serving guests. It adds a pop of color to the room.

After reviewing all the benefits above, isn’t it tempting to buy one to use? If you decide to go with ceramic cookware for your kitchen, and if it is taken care of properly, it will last you for a very long time. And it is pretty affordable. 

Compared with other types of cookware, ceramic cookware has more advantages. If you don’t have one, why not get one to try. You will get surprise with its usage.

If you have any doubts, contact us to find out more detailed information on our ceramic cooking hardware, and AMPQ is always here for your queries. So add one of our ceramic cookware into your kitchen now.

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