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While contemplating to buy a ceramic cookware, but you may not have any idea on how to care ceramic cookware. You may think it is a hassle but by following the method to care ceramic cookware properly, you will be able to extend the life span of your cookware and enjoy years of use.

 Below are the generals do and don’t that is recommended by the pros. It will become your second nature in no time using the method given.

Care Ceramic Cookware #1 - Don’t Wash A Hot Pan

care ceramic cookware

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After cooking, ensure that the ceramic cookware has cooled before washing. Adding cold water to a hot cookware can damage the non-stick coating and crack made of solid ceramic. The coating may not respond well to a rapid change in temperature, including cast iron and stainless steel..

Never immerse a hot pan into water, like all other products that contains aluminium or stainless steel, sudden significant temperature changes can reduce their lifespan. Cool the cookware in a room temperature before washing to avoid thermal shock. 

If you have burnt parts to clean, you can soak the pan for for about 30 minutes after it has cool down. It is easier to clean after soaking. 

 By doing this, you’ll definitely improve the lifespan of your cookware. 

Care Ceramic Cookware #2 - Care Ceramic Cookware with Safe Utensils

care ceramic cookware

Image: Credit to Canva 

Unlike other types of cookware, ceramic cookware is a non-stick cookware which can get scratch easily. It is important that we decide to use which utensil while cooking. This helps you to prevent damaging your cookware.

 It is advise to use wooden, silicon, plastic or nylon spoons to portion and serve from your ceramic cookware. Do not cut food while it is still in the pan, take it out to cut. Avoid harsh material such as metal utensil. It have rough or sharp edges that will leave scratches and marks on your cookware.

 Use safe utensils will help to extend the life of your ceramic cookware. 

Care Ceramic Cookware #3 - Best Temperature to Use

care ceramic cookware

Image: Credit to Canva

The best temperature to use is low to medium heat. Although ceramic is able to take high heat but most of the ceramic-coated nonstick cookware cannot withstand prolonged periods of high heat. Ceramics are able to distributes heats evenly and effectively, food are cooked more quickly. 

 Using high heat will cause food to stick on the surface and can discolor and damage it. Another thing to take note is don’t allow the pan to boil dry. 

 If you want to reduce the risk of the non stick coating from breaking down, there is a good tip which is before adding your food, preheat a small amount of oil. This will help to evenly distribute the heat around the cookware, ensuring that there will be no hot spots that will cause the surface to breakdown.

 Avoid drastic changes in temperature as it can cause thermal shock. Ensure that you are going from a low to high heat. 

Care Ceramic Cookware #4 - Don’t Put into Dishwasher

care ceramic cookware

Image: Credit to Canva

Don’t use the dishwasher to wash the cookware should be one of the common rule which most people know. 

Ceramic cookware is easy to clean due to its natural non-stick composition. It doesn’t need tough scrubbing. Dishwasher is a harsh method to clean the cookware. It will affect the longevity of any type of metal cookware, not only ceramic cookware. By using dishwasher to wash, it will lead to the surface of the cookware degrading and coming off. 

The best way to clean is to hand wash it with some warm dish soap and a soft sponge. It will easily remove any food on the ceramic cookware and shouldn’t be a problem to increase the life span of your cookware.


Care Ceramic Cookware #5 - Seasoning

care ceramic cookware

Image: Credit to Canva

Normally ceramic cookware doesn’t require seasoning. It is suggest to refer to the instruction or recommendation by manufacturer to season the cookware prior to first use. Re-season it about twice a year to revitalize ceramic non-stick surface. 

 Before seasoning, make sure to rinse and dry your cookware. Use a soft kitchen paper to gently rub one tablespoon of vegetable cooking oil (grape seed oil, canola oi or peanut oil) onto the cooking surface. If your cookware is oven-save, you can either use the oven or stovetop to heat it. 

 Remove the cookware from the heat and let it cool. Wipe away any excess oil with a soft cloth or towel. 

 It can also either wash it with warm soapy water and wipe it with a dry paper. 

Care Ceramic Cookware #6 - Never Use Cooking Oil Sprays

Image: Credit to HeraldNet

Cooking oil sprays from aerosol cans are popular but remember never use it on ceramic cookwares. Using oil sprays can build up residue that is hard to remove as they have other ingredients and chemicals in it. Many of these sprays contain soy lecithin which will also cause the build up. 

 These buildup is hard to remove and when it gets to the point where you need to scrub it off, it will damage the surface of the cookware. 

Care Ceramic Cookware #7 . Proper Storage

Image: Credit to Canva

Ensure that your cookware is clean before storage. If possible, store your ceramic cookware separately from others as any metal contact can damage the cookware. This is to provide a quality care to your cookware. 

If they are stored in cabinets, it is ideal to place a dish towel or paper towel between each item to prevent damage or scratches. It is recommended not to stack the above each other.

Another option is to hang the cookware. Most cookware nowadays has holes on the handles, which you can hang it up. This can add a decorative accent to your kitchen. 

 Well with all these guidance on caring for your ceramic cookware. Remember that even with the best care, the non-stick coating will not last forever, but definitely allows your cookware to have a longer life span. So if it has worn out, it is time to get a new one. 


If you have any doubts, contact us to find out more detailed information on our ceramic cooking hardware, and AMPQ is always here for your queries. So add one of our ceramic cookware into your kitchen now. 

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